Swamp Rat 25

Swamp Rat 25: Built by Lester Guillory in Baton Rouge LA during 1979, finished up by me and Larry Sikora in Seffner in December of 1979. Read More

Swamp Rat 24

Swamp Rat 24: Don Cook and I built Swamp Rat 24 during the summer of 1977 for use with the Donovan 417 aluminum engine. Read More

Swamp Rat 23

I won the IHRA Championships with the car, then installed a Donovan engine for 1977, testing for Ed Donovan. Retired the car in mid season when we built Swamp Rat 24. Read More

Swamp Rat 22

#22 won the 1975 NHRA World Championship, setting the all time high MPH, 250.69 and Low Elapsed Time, 5.63 Seconds at Ontario California during the NHRA Finals. Read More

Swamp Rat 21

Originally built for Jungle Jim, but when the car was finished, he didn’t want it. I returned Jim’s deposit and painted the car black, campaigned it for six months while Don Cook and I built Swamp Rat 22. Read More

Swamp Rat 20A

I had my friend Harry Schwartz in Pensacola Florida build the body, same as he had built for Swamp Rat 19, I did the paint the same and we had Swamp Rat 20-A. Read More

Swamp Rat 19

After the adventure with SR 17, the Liner and SR 18, Shorty, I was ready for a normal T/F car, something like the very successful Swamp Rat 16. Swingle, Lemons and I snapped together Swamp Rat 19 and this car was an instant success! Read More

Swamp Rat 18

Connie Swingle and I built Shorty, (175" wheelbase) prior to fielding Swamp Rat 17, the "WynnsLiner". This was to give me a feel for the short wheelbase car. Read More

Swamp Rat 17

Swamp Rat 17: When Robert "Jocko" Johnson saw that I was having success with the RE Car, SR 14, he called me and asked if I would like for him to build a streamliner body for one of my RE chassis. I said yes and the project was underway. Read More

Swamp Rat 16

Swamp Rat 16: the first RE car built by Connie Swingle, Tom Lemons and me after the prototype RE car, SR 14. This was a super car and was nearly destroyed when the wing collapsed at the Gatornationals in 1972. Read More

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