Swamp Rat 15

Swamp Rat 15: was constructed by Connie Swingle, Tom Lemons and me in December 1970, when I decided that the Rear Engine car was not going to work. Read More

Swamp Rat 14

While I was in the Pacific Coast Hospital in Long Beach CA recuperating from injuries sustained in the tranny explosion in SR 13, I laid out the plans for the Rear Engine Top Fuel Dragster, Swamp Rat 14. Read More

Swamp Rat 13

While at Naperville during a match race, the frame on SR 12-B was damaged, TC and I rushed back to Seffner to build a new car, Swamp Rat 13. Read More

Swamp Rat 12B

This 215" wheelbase car was an instant winner - she won the 1968 NHRA Spring nationals at Englishtown and the prestigious 1968 US Nationals at Indy. Read More

Swamp Rat 12A

Swamp Rat 12-A: was built in Seffner by Bob Taaffe, Jim Marrone and me in the fall of 1967, right after Schiefer Clutches had purchased Swamp Rat 11. Read More

Swamp Rat 11

First time out for #11, in a match race, we beat the famed Roland Leong Hawaiian at Muncie Indiana. Then we won the 1967 US Nationals and shaved my beard in front of the cameras. Read More

Swamp Rat X

Swamp Rat X: was a remake from Swamp Rat VIII and we did the job in my shop at Troy Michigan. George Delorean was working for me then and he was one super craftsman. We cut off the front half of SR 8, a 140" wheelbase car, added a new front half making the car 175" wheelbase. Read More

Swamp Rat 9

Swamp Rat 9: was the Roadster Dart, built by Emery Cook and myself after the steel bodied Dart blew over at Detroit in 1966. Read More

Swamp Rat 8

Swamp Rat 8: was built in the fall of 1964 with the brand new Dodge 426 Hemi engine. This was the first car out of Garlits Automotive Inc. using the new Chrysler Hemi. Read More

Swamp Rat 7A

Connie Swingle built Swamp Rat 7-A in the Fall of 1963, right after we got the tubing bender. He only ran the car a few times before crashing at US 30 in Gary Indiana. Read More

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