Swamp Rat 6B

Swamp Rat 6B: Art Malone was not happy with his new 1964 Garlits "Swoopy Tail" car, it was the first one built from scratch and he thought we might have found out a few secrets while on the West Coast tour with the rebuilt SR 6'A car. Read More

Swamp Rat 6A

Swamp Rat 6A: When Pat and I returned to Tampa after the 1963 tour, Garlits Automotive had two new things, a mandrel tubing bender and some "Swoopy" tail sections by Arty Ross of New Orleans. Read More

Swamp Rat 5B

Swamp Rat 5B: After the 1963 winter tour on the West Coast, Swingle and I decided to build a new car for the Eastern strips where traction was at a minimum. Read More

Swamp Rat 5

It was very light and spun the tires on most strips so while visiting Bruce Crower before the 1963 NHRA Winternationals, now back on nitro, Bruce suggested we build a wing over the engine for more traction down course. Read More

Swamp Rat 4

Swamp Rat 4 built during the spring of 1962 at the request of Frank Wylie, Garlits' boss at Dodge Public Relations. Read More

Swamp Rat 3

Swamp Rat III –A, B and C: These were the first chrome moly tubing cars to come out of the Garlits Automotive in Tampa Florida. Read More

Swamp Rat 1B

Swamp Rat I-B: This car was the modification of SR I to fit the tall and lanky Art Malone who took over the driving chores for Don when he was seriously burned at Chester SC In 1959. Read More

Swamp Rat 1

Swamp Rat I: Built in 1956 as just rails, modified many times, but was at its best in the fall of 1958 having beat the best of the Californians at Houston and then in December setting the new world record at 180.00 MPH. Read More

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