Preston Davis

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Like a large portion of the racers involved in the sport, Preston’s interest in cars and motorsports started very early in his life. By the time he earned his driver’s license, he was pretty well hooked on becoming a competitor. [...]

Steve Earwood

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Founder’s Award Steve Earwood’s reputation, as one of drag racing’s most innovative promoters, as reflected in the fact that while he twice was honored as the IHRA’s national promoter of the year (2001 and 2008). He also is a member [...]

Gas Rhonda 1926-2017

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Gas Rhonda was just old enough when World War II broke out, that he was able to join the Navy. He left the military service with a lot of practical “how-to” wisdom and with two Service Stars for his part [...]

Dennis Priddle

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Dennis Priddle is one of the most well-known drag racers in Great Britain and in continental Europe today. However, he didn’t begin his drag racing career in a car, but rather his first entry into the sport was astride a [...]

Mark Oswald

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Mark Oswald is considered by many as one of the most versatile drag racers of the so-called modern era. The drag racing bug first bid him at the age of 12, when he saw a neighbor’s BB/Altered and fell in [...]

Marvin Miller 1927-1996

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When Marvin first became involved in drag racing the racing facility now known worldwide as the Formosa Dragstrip was nothing more than a landing strip for a local airport. His early exposure to the track came when he was working [...]

Jack Doyle

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Jack Doyle was born in 1935 and like a lot of fellow racers, became interested in cars and racing at an early age. Jack was involved with the sport since the early 1950s as a driver, a team owner, and [...]

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