Eileen Daniels

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Mopar Pat Garlits Memorial Award Eileen Daniels a native of Marysville Ohio, has been an active participant in the growth of drag racing since she married her late husband Bob, at the age of 18. She raced with Bob in [...]

Robert J McClurg

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Founder’s Award Bob McClurg grew up in 1950’s Southern California and was a car nut long before he became an accomplished writer and photographer. As a youngster, McClurg lived around the corner from the late Jack Hart’s (heart would go [...]

Larry Sutton

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Larry loved cars and speed as long as he can remember. At age 13 Larry would ride his bike to Lions Dragstrip where he handed out time slips and where at the age of 16, he took over the job [...]

Bill Shrewsberry

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Bill Shrewsberry may be best remembered as “Wild Bill” driver of the LA Dart wheel standing Dodge Dart. But before stepping into the seat he drove a series of funny cars for Mickey Thompson, Jack Chrisman, and other distinguished owners. [...]

Joe Schubeck

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“Gentlemen Joe Schubeck” is one of the ultimate representatives of the sport. His first introduction to cars and the sport was through the pages of Hot Rod Magazine; reading articles by future NHRA founder Wally Parks and the rest of [...]

Dean Moon

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Dean Moon was bitten by the “car bug” at a very early age and began planning his future while still in high school. Unlike a lot of young enthusiast of the era; Dean didn’t just want to go quick and [...]

Jeep and Ronnie Hampshire

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Jeep and Ronnie Hampshire, brothers separated by only 11 months in age, grew up sharing a love for cars and racing. Having been reared in Southern California in the 1940s and 1950s the pair was exposed to the hot rod [...]

Jeff Byrd 1950-2010

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Jeff Byrd 1950-2010 Jeff Byrd was regarded by both his peers and the general racing enthusiast as one of the most influential track operators and promoters in all of motorsports. Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Jeff was like [...]

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