Terry Chandler 1952-2017

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Terry Chandler 1952-2017 Pat Garlits Memorial Award Terry Chandler grew up in an oil field family in southeastern New Mexico, since her late father, John R Gray owned Marbob Energy. As a young adult one of her interest included [...]

Herb Fishel

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Herb Fishel Founders Award Growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Herb Fishel watched short track racing at Bowman Gray Stadium, read about Zora Arkus-Duntov in Hot Rod Magazine and worked on cars with his uncle William. He consumed every [...]

Roy Fjasted

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Roy Fjasted 1935-2018 Roy’s love for hot rodding began in his early teen years and has only grew with the passage of time. In 1951 he entered his first drag race, driving a 1950 Chevrolet, at Santa Ana Dragstrip; [...]

Ollie Riley

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Oliver “Ollie” Riley 1918-1992 Unlike most of the honorees of the sport, Ollie Riley didn’t grow up around high-performance cars but his interest in mechanics and electricity were similar to those who wished to go quick and fast. Born [...]

Kelly Brown

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Kelly Brown Kelly Brown was born in Hollywood, California and while he grew up in San Fernando Valley he retained his Hollywood roots by making his living in the movie and TV world as a producer, stunt driver, and [...]

Jim Oddy

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Jim Oddy An early car enthusiast, at 16, Jim Oddy joined the Torrid Torkers a Buffalo, New York car club in 1957. Jim entered his inline six-cylinder 1936 Chevy Coupe into competition and, on his first time out, won [...]

Jeb Allen

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Jeb Allen When Jeb Allen won the 1972 NHRA Summernationals in Englishtown New Jersey he became the sport’s youngest professional class winner at the age of 18. Unlike many of the sport’s top competitors Jeb didn’t have to fight [...]

Greg Sharp

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Greg Sharp Greg Sharp’s love affair with hot rodding and drag racing began as a highly curious “car crazy” 12-year-old who devoured the enthusiast magazines of the 1950s. Absorbing their contents like a sponge he later became an expert [...]

Gary Densham

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Gary Densham One might consider Gary Densham of Menefee, California as the typical “grew up in Southern California” racer. Bellflower Boulevard was the place to go to show who had the fastest car. Lyons, Irwindale, and Orange County drag [...]

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