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One magic, nostalgic weekend a year takes 15,000 people on a time warp trip back to the fabulous 50’s for the biggest 50’s Party anywhere. While there are trillions of other “classic car shows” there is no other event remotely like this on the planet.

The Golden Gup not only brings many of his vintage cars to the party but spins the early R&B, Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, and classic hits that help create the timewarp that is Lead East.
Lead East is not just another vintage car show, it is the definitive 50’s party, offering more unique events than 15 normal classic car shows added together. If you love the doo-wop and R&B music, vintage vehicles, slicked back hair, vintage clothing, and retro dances of the 1950’s, you MUST join the Golden Gup and fans to relive and revisit the best fun decade in history.