While Forrest always loved all forms racing, his first participation as a driver came in 1986, when he began shoeing his I-4 modified stocker on the short tracks in Southern California. His love of racing was just one part of his reasoning behind participating as a competitor. By the time he first climbed into the cockpit of a race car, he had also found another passion when he and his wife Charlotte founded Lucas Oil Products. Short on promotion funding and needing to promote the company to the public he combined the two loves and put Lucas Oil Products in front of the buying public, with the company logo displayed on all sides of the race car.

After spending three years as an active competitor, the business had grown to a point that it required most of his time. So, he retired from driving and devoted his efforts to building the company and providing financial support to some of the racers. While the company was continuing to grow at a steady pace; Forrest knew he needed to provid stronger promotional support in order to keep it moving. At the same time, he was taking note of the growing number of major companies who were using racing as a prime way of promoting their products.

In 1994 Forrest took his son Morgan to his first drag race at the age of 11 and it was love of at first sight for them. This soon led to Forrest adding more drag racing teams to the companies sponsor list and race facilities sponsorships. Because of his love of all forms of racing, Lucas Oil was soon sponsoring race teams operating in all forms of automated racing as well as boats, planes, and motorcycles.

Because of the financial support provided by Lucas Oil dozens of race teams, a lot of racers who were thinking of closing down their operations, are still competing around the nation and providing entertainment for millions of fans each year. The same can be said for several race facilities that were facing closure for lack of adequate funding. Because of the additional support in this area from Lucas oil they continued to operate. In addition to supporting all of the race teams in race facilities, Forrest also made it a point to support the various sanctioning bodies involved in all forms of racing.

Both Forrest and Charlotte live and breathe everything they sponsor or sanction and don’t limit their appearances to just drag racing. They also attend events featuring other types of vehicles plus a few car shows and trade shows thrown in for good measure.

In 2006, Forrest expanded the family involvement in all forms of sports, but he keeping racing as a focal point when he opened a television production studio at the company’s headquarters. They now produce more than 350 hours of television for all of the major channels from this location. Still not content with his involvement in bringing all forms of entertainment to millions of viewers, in 2011, he purchased the cable network MAVTV and renamed it MAVTV American Real. In addition to the Lucas Oil logo appearing on racing vehicles around the country, the MAVTV logo, along with its sponsorship funds. Lucas Oil is starting to be found on more and more race vehicles and more facilities. Forrest has made a commitment to the sport that MAVTV will offer its viewers a large portion of its programming that revolves around racing and the automotive world in general.