Gary Rupp and Pat Dakin raced as the “Rupp and Dakin” top fuel team and were strong competitors in the NHRA’s very tough Division III (Midwest division). The pair started racing in the gas class. Rupp owned the car and served as crew chief, while Dakin handled the driving chores. They raced in the gas class in 1970 and moved to top fuel in 1971, racing a front engine dragster for one year. Seeing the rear engine dragster become a consistent winner the pair switched to a Hemi-powered Woody Gilmore chassis the following year.


Rupp and Dakin cars were always sharp appearing and performed as well as they looked. When matched against the national touring teams the pair more than held their own. The pair raced heavily at divisional races because of their businesses, but would occasionally venture out to compete at select national events east of the Mississippi River. Within the Midwest Division, the pair were always one of the teams to contend for a win. The pair won the NHRA’s LeGrand National Molson at Sanair Dragway outside of Montréal Québec Canada in 1971 and again in 1973.


Rupp and Dakin bought a new chassis for the 1975 season and ran it through the 1977 season when they retired from competition. In 1989 Rupp and Dakin returned to the sport and immediately were contenders. They won the IHRA Top Fuel Championship that year. The team disbanded in 1993 when Gary Rupp retired to Florida. Pat Dakin began his own business Commercial Metal Fabricators in Dayton Ohio. Dakin continues to race competitively at selected NHRA events.