On March 12, 2015 the Twenty-Fifth Annual International Drag Racing Hall of Fame Ceremony and Banquet, presented by Lucas Oil, was held at the Paramount Plaza Hotels & Suites in Gainesville, Florida.

The Board of Selectors were: Harry Hibler, Ted Jones, Steve Gibbs, Greg Sharp.

The 2015 Inductees were: Lee Edwards, Shirl Greer, Jerry Gwynn, Butch Leal, Bob Muravez, Bill Schultz, and Jess Van Deventer.

The Founders Award was presented to: Dave Densmore.

The Pat Garlits Memorial Award was presented to Joan Gwynn.

You can watch the TV version of the banquet by clicking the link below.

2015 Inductee’s

Joan Gwynn

Pat Garlits Memorial Award

Dave Densmore

Founder’s Award Texan Dave Dinsmore is an ideal recipient of the Founder’s Award which is emblematic of one’s career long contributions to drag racing. In many ways, some subtle, and some as obvious as a [...]

Jess Van Deventer

In his own words, Jess as always been an automotive enthusiast who followed in the steps of his engine building father. While in high school Jess was active in the local car club, and by [...]

Bill Schultz

Unlike a lot of racers Bill didn’t dream about becoming a professional racer. In fact, early in his life he was exposed to another sport, baseball, by his father who was an avid baseball fan [...]

Bob Muravez

Bob’s love affair with cars began while he was in high school and in 1955, he became the proud owner of a 1953 Corvette which he purchased from movie star Betty Grable. While the Vette [...]

Butch Leal

Larry “Butch” Leal grew up in central California with a fascination for cars early in his life. With a subscription to Hot Rod Magazine at age 12 his love affair was kicked into high gear. [...]

Jerry Gwynn

Jerry Gwynn is another member of the “Drag Racing Club” who realized early in life that he had a true passion for cars, speed, and competition. Jerry’s first vehicle was a 1934 Ford pickup, and [...]

Shirl Greer 1934-2010

Born in May 1934, Shirl Greer whose father was a test driver for Henry Ford on the first auto assembly line, developed an early interest in automobiles. As a Tech Sgt. he served the Air [...]

“General” Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards, more commonly known as “The General”, started his racing career in the early 1950s with a 1939 Plymouth coupe that was powered by a Chevrolet engine. It wasn’t long before he realized he [...]