NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame Monument

NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame Monument
NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame Monument Picture 2
NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame Monument Names

Established in 1983, drag racing’s best of the best, have been honored with induction to the NHRA Southeast Division Drag Racing Hall of Fame.  Each year since, there have been three deserving inductees chosen by the selector committee comprised of those past and present:

Bobby BoydBuster Couch *Lex DudasDon Garlits (Selector plus Don Garlits Pioneer Award) | Bill HoltArt Malone *Carl Weisinger

(* Deceased)

Prior to 2013, there were three inductees selected each year, and in 2013, the number of inductees changed to four with the creation of the “Don Garlits Pioneer Award”.

In 1997 the solid granite Hall of Fame monument was created, thanks to Don Garlits and support from R.J. Reynolds (Winston).  The beautiful monument is located here at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing and contains the names of all members.  The permanent acknowledgment of the monument and its honor to those names, are engraved here for visitors of the museum to enjoy.

NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame Monument Names Picture 2

There is a common bond among drag racing participants that is best described as, dedication to a great family endeavor.  Drag racing is just that, a family of men and women who have devoted their time and ability to excel in the sport.  Most members listed on the monument started in the 1950’s, when drag racing was a street past-time for all of us with hot rods.  Soon came the emergence of clubs and “timing” associations, which began emerging all over the country, using old air strip runways for weekend competition.  At the same time, Wally Parks founded the NHRA in 1951 and since then, the bond of its members has led to what is now, the fastest automotive sport on the planet.

Of great importance is the word family, as the common bond among drag racers is just that.  It’s the cornerstone of drag racing that allows spectators and racers to mingle in the pits.  Youngsters growing up with the opportunity to race as “juniors” in NHRA events, participating as a family and who have now started appearing in the fastest of the classes as they grow into eligibility.

Drag racers develop great longtime friendships with each other centered on respect.  Whether at the track in competition or at home working on the car in the garage, we respect each other for ability, driving, winning, engine building, tuning, welding or whatever it takes to succeed.  Successful drag racers have many abilities.

The men, women and youngsters involved in drag racing are a special grass roots group of dedicated individuals.  Drag racers will attest to the fact that it’s a time consuming sport, which requires understanding from loved ones.  But, when we are involved in the passion of the sport, the time spent is just that, passion, which knows no limits.

The names engraved on this fabulous granite monument at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, all deserve recognition for being the best of the best, for their dedication and passion to achieve.

Written by: Jon Zorian

NHRA Southeast Division Hall of Fame List

Year Inducted Name
1983 Bo Laws
1983 Pete Robinson    *
1983 Ernie Schorb   *
1984 Raymond Godman
1984 Marvin Schwartz   *
1984 Tommy Shinholster
1985 Ann Couch    *
1985 Jerry Gwynn
1985 Hubert Platt
1986 Ed Garlits
1986 Shirl Greer    *
1986 Joe Lunati
1987 John Livingston
1987 Bill Smith
1987 Art Malone    *
1988 Don Garlits
1988 Charlie Hogan
1988 Herb McCandless
1989 Buster Couch    *
1989 Julius Hughes, Sr.
1989 Ed Pantley
1990 Lewis Carden    *
1990 Harvey Crane    *
1990 Clayton Harris    *
1991 Jerry Coley
1991 Jim Kaylor    *
1991 Connie Swingle    *
1992 Doug & Kay Greenfield
1992 Hoyt Grimes
1992 Cotton Perry   *
1993 Bobby Boyd
1993 Darrell Gwynn
1993 Jon Zorian
1994 Harvey Collins    *
1994 Price Petrea
1994 Bobby Warren
1995 Bill Mullins
1995 John Reed    *
1995 Bob Taaffe
1996 Terry Earwood
1996 Billy Herndon
1996 Val Laporte
1997 Lex Dudas
1997 Randy Payne
1997 Paul Smith
1998 Pat Garlits    *
1998 Josey Woodrow
1998 Sox & Martin    *
1999 Garley Daniels
1999 Glen Durst    *
1999 Dyno Don Nicholson    *
2000 Glen Blakely
2000 Preston Davis
2000 Hasley Hood, Jr.
2001 Roy Hill
2001 Tommy “T.C.” Lemons    *
2001 Charlie Taylor
2002 Jimmy Waibel
2002 Reed Whisnant    *
2002 Charlie Winslow
2003 Phil Bonner
2003 Gary Brown
2003 Amy Faulk
2004 George Breen
2004 Jim & Allison Lee
2004 Ron Traffanstedt
2005 Steve Bagwell    *
2005 Terry Mullins
2005 Lee Weller
2006 George Howard
2006 Bogie Kell
2006 Dick LaHaie
2007 Norm Froscher   *
2007 Bill Jacobs   *
2007 Roy Johnson
2008 Jim Kinnett
2008 Louie Pabst   *
2008 Jeff Velde    *
2009 Stan Mizell
2009 Dave Shultz    *
2009 Bill Taylor
2010 Johnny Dowey
2010 Earl & Short Harris
2010 Jeff Taylor
2011 Steve Earwood
2011 Warren Johnson
2011 David Rampy
2012 Sherman Adcock
2012 Tony Christian
2012 Paul Forte
2013 Greg Anderson
2013 Ora Cook
2013 Michael Gunderson
2013 William “Bill” Holt
2014 Jerome Bradford
2014 Nelson DesChamps
2014 Gary Johns
2014 Carl Weisinger
2015 Jim Collins
2015 Kenny Hahn
2015 Richard Hutchins
2015 Grant Lewis
*   Deceased