Lynn Prudhomme has been a part of her husband’s life since they met in a high school art class in a Los Angeles area high school. First as a girlfriend, and then-wife to the iconic drag racing superstar, Don Prudhomme. She found herself sharing some of the spotlight (some say reluctantly) of his fame over the decades of his career.


While she has always been a person who never sought notoriety connected to her husband’s fame, she has been a core for the family, raising daughter Donna Lynn in as normal environment as possible, while supporting her husband as she crisscrossed the country during his 35-year racing career as a driver and later as a team owner. Over many of those years, Lynn, like so many drag racing wives, served as the effective team manager.


Lynn was always aware of the danger of the sport and she’d seen, over the years, how a major crash could shatter a racer’s family in an instant. There was always a thought in her mind that there needed to be some method to provide emotional and financial support to the injured racers and their families.


It was the major, life-threatening, crash involving Shirley Muldowney at Sanair Dragway outside Montréal Québec Canada in 1984 which serve to galvanize the sport to act upon those concerns. Together with the wives of other drag racing stars and others close to the sport-Jerry Amato, Holly Beadle, Penny Beck, Laura Earwood, Pat Garlits, at Eglin, Diane Henrik, Linda McAuliffe, Jeannie Oswald-Lynn helped create what would become DRAW (Drag Racing Association of Women) which organized a campaign to help Shirley with her medical expenses and other needs. This quickly involved into DRAW becoming a charity organization which drew the support of the racers, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, promoters, manufacturers, and fans. Today what started 35 years ago continues to assist racers and their families with financial and emotional support.


Lynn has also helped preserve some of the histories of the sport, by helping Don catalog and organize the extensive collection of important race cars that he drove and owned as a team owner. As well as, memorabilia such as trophies, awards, racing apparel, and collectibles. Today these items are preserved at Snake Racing’s shop in Vista, California.


In recognizing Lynn Prudhomme for this award Don Garlits stated, “Like my wife Pat, Lynn has always been there for others, often putting their needs ahead of her own.”