When Marvin first became involved in drag racing the racing facility now known worldwide as the Formosa Dragstrip was nothing more than a landing strip for a local airport. His early exposure to the track came when he was working for a beer distributor in nearby Bakersfield, California and was responsible with making sure the local tracks were fully stocked. While not a racer himself at the time he did enjoy watching the action when it was possible. It was after his two boys had become teenagers that Marvin, his wife Barbara, and the entire family started attending the races on a regular basis. At this time Marvin was working for a company that supplied irrigation equipment for the local farmers, Rain for Rent, as part of its management team.

In 1966 while attending the famous March Meet at Famoso the family became interested in the team of James Warren and Roger Coburn. The interest level stepped up considerably when the boys had an opportunity to ride along in the push truck during a race in Southern California and experience first-hand the opportunity to be participants. Soon after they returned home the boy started asking Marvin if there was any way they could help James and Roger increase their competitive edge. Marvin contacted Roger with the same question and a long-lasting business and friendship relationship was born.

In the beginning of the relationship Marvin personally provided substantial financial assistance for the team to help them not only race more often but with better parts and on a more businesslike basis as the Warren-Coburn-Miller team. As the team expanded its racing efforts, its performance and exposure grew. In 1972 Marvin was finally able to structure a sponsorship program by Rain for Rent that lasted until the team disbanded.

To race in Southern California, they had to take travel over the San Gabriel Martin range on Highway 99 which was, referred to as “The Ridge Route” and as their notoriety grew, they acquired the nickname, “The Ridge Route Terrors” which their performance lived up to. On May 5, 1967 they pushed the speed record of 230 MPH at Fresno Dragway and the following week they ran 224 MPH at Lions Dragstrip in Long Beach, California.

The team won its first NHRA national event in 1968 at the Winternationals in Pomona, California. Over the next several years they dominated west coast racing, winning the NHRA Division 7 Top Fuel Championship title (1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, and 1976) and won the 1976 NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida. When James decided to retire from driving in 1979 the team was disbanded but Marvin continued to participate in drag racing.

After his prior years of contribution to the support of the Famoso facility, in 1971, Marvin partnered up with Jack Williams to purchase the lease for it. The pair immediately began making improvements to the facility. In 1973 Marvin obtained total control by buying Williams out. The improvements continued with such items as new permanent bleachers, modern guardrails, a new timing tower, and etc. All of this attention and investment provided the racers a much better facility to race at and the spectators more comfortable surroundings. This resulted in improved race performance and increased crowds. However, all of the sports involvement took its toll on Marvin and in 1988 he sold the lease and, after 36 years at Rain for Rent, he retired to do some well-deserved traveling with his wife Barbara. On September 24, 1996 Marvin passed away.