Project Description

Swamp Rat 12-A: was built in Seffner by Bob Taaffe, Jim Marrone and me in the fall of 1967, right after Schiefer Clutches had purchased Swamp Rat 11. Bob wanted to build a long wheelbase car, but I had the final say and we built an experimental 137″ car. It was a total failure and as soon as I returned from the Winter Tour in CA, the three of us built Swamp Rat 12-B, 215″ wheelbase and this was a winner. SR 12-A was sold to some bracket racers and they had it till 1976, crashed, brought it to me to be repaired and I took it in on trade for a new chassis. In 1987, I had Mark Buchanan repair the car while he was here in Ocala building SR 31. Then SR 12-A sat in “Don’s Garage” for 20 years till one day in 2007, Mopar called me to see if I would like to build a 6.4, late model Hemi blown fuel engine. I did and installed it into Swamp Rat 12-A.

I use the car for shows and cacklefests and with the big flames the old girl is a big hit!