Project Description

Swamp Rat 31: Mark Buchanan and I built Swamp Rat 31 during the spring of 1987 to replace Swamp Rat XXX, the car did not get into service till the NHRA race at Brainerd MN. We made several runs there, qualified and went up in smoke the first round. We arrived at the ADRA race in Spokane WA ready for battle. On the very first run the car did a blow over and I went through the timing traps at 215 MPH in 5.51 Seconds, upside down, backwards on fire! The 5.51 stood as Low Elapsed Time of the event! I never rebuilt the #31, but sent it on tour with the World of Wheels car show for several years. Swamp Rat 31 is now on display here at the Museum. It is a graphic example of how the proper construction of one of these very fast race cars allows the driver to survive a horrific accident!