Project Description

Swamp Rat 34: After running SR 32 for one year, this was an experimental car, Murf McKinney and I built Swamp Rat 34, the most modern, aerodynamic Top Fuel dragster ever built, even to this day. It ran very well, even on my small budget. I never oiled the dragstrip, never sent a blower into the stands and the car ran 323,04 MPH in 4.76 Seconds. Had this design been accepted by the other teams with their large budgets, we would have had speeds of well over 340 MPH! But this was the problem, SR 34 came at a time in our sport when the NHRA was trying to slow the T/F cars down, so they politicked against the design. At Indy in 2003, I made my last run in #34 and in Top Fuel for that matter, 310.81 MPH and my wife asked me real nice, not to do it anymore, and I haven’t. Swamp Rat 34 is here on the Museum floor ready to “make one”, alive and well!