Project Description

Swamp Rat 4: I built Swamp Rat 4 during the spring of 1962 at the request of Frank Wylie, my boss at Dodge Public Relations. He wanted me to compete in the 1962 NHRA US Nationals at Indy on gas, using the new Dodge 413 CID Max-Wedge engine that they were offering in the 1962 SS/AA cars. I snapped the car together, a very light weight piece of equipment and went to Indy, didn’t run well at first, but soon got a handle on the “Gas” and went to runner-up against Jack Chrisman, driving Mickey Thompson’s Hemi-Pontiac Dragster. Car was destroyed in an accident in 1963 and in the late 90’s, Connie Swingle and I built a replica of SR-4. This is a running car and I turned 205 MPH on gas at National Trails a few years ago! Quite a ride with a short wheelbase car like Swamp Rat 4! Note the 1/5 scale running replica of the car in the case.