Project Description

Swamp Rat 6B: Art Malone was not happy with his new 1964 Garlits “Swoopy Tail” car, it was the first one built from scratch and he thought we might have found out a few secrets while on the West Coast tour with the rebuilt SR 6’A car. Meanwhile Spencer Krumholts had purchased SR 6-A, leaving me with a bare chassis just off the jig. Malone saw this and figured this was the new “trick” car and he wanted it. I traded Art the new bare chassis for his complete car and body. This car became Swamp Rat 6-B, one super car, in August, it set the NHRA National Fuel Record at Great Meadows NJ at 201.34 in 7.78 seconds, then won the 1964 US Nationals at Indy. We then did the British Drag Festival and set the British Land Speed Record of 197.00 MPH. Then in March of 1965 Swamp Rat 6-B won the US Fuel and Gas Championships at Bakersfield CA. When I returned to Tampa I sold the car to some Eastern racers, but I had one more match race to attend at Great Meadows NJ. Unfortunately I flipped the car over the railroad tracks at the end of the track when the parachute failed. This damaged the frame and body and the new owners wanted their money back. I returned their deposit and stored the bent chassis in the loft. In 1986, Herb Parks and I restored Swamp Rat 6-B back to running condition and it has appeared at the NHRA Nationals, the CHRR, the NHRA Reunion at Bowling Green and was in the NHRA Museum in Pomona for many years. It is now on display in the Drag Racing Museum.