Project Description

Swamp Rat X: was a remake from Swamp Rat VIII and we did the job in my shop at Troy Michigan. George Delorean was working for me then and he was one super craftsman. We cut off the front half of SR 8, a 140″ wheelbase car, added a new front half making the car 175″ wheelbase. George and I fabricated a new front aluminum nose piece and I headed West for a match race with Don “The Snake” Prudhomme for the Drag Racer #1 Spot at Half Moon Bay Dragstrip in Northern CA. The car was black with silver letters. I then had Tom Hanna build a new body for the whole car and “Cerney” the painter made the car red. I was not successful with #10, but did discover that the 426 needed at least 50 degrees spark lead to run properly. I painted the car red and black for the 1967 season, had Emery Cook drive it a few times, but decided during the NHRA Springnationals at Bristol TN we needed a new car. SR 10 was retired and a dummy engine installed and loaned to Bill Tuthill’s Museum of Speed in Daytona Beach during the fall of 1968, after the tour. Many years later when Mr. Tuthill passed away, the car was returned and it is still in its original condition, on display here at the Museum of Drag Racing.