Swamp Rat VII GMP Dragster


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Swamp Rat VII GMP Dragster



Swamp Rat VII GMP Dragster

2 reviews for Swamp Rat VII GMP Dragster

  1. James Reveley

    This is astonishing. An icon of drag racing. Every hot rodder owes this man and this car, I saw him race many times. Your collection is not complete without this dragster!!!

  2. Dr. James E. Reveley

    I saw Don at the San Antonio Drag Raceway riding his bike up and down the strip with a broom, looking for debris before he lit the place up. Some of my fondest memories are of those times over 55 years ago. What a pleasure. This wonderful model brings it all back. The detail is amazing.
    Every Drag Racing fan needs something of Don’s in his den, this is a great piece. My sons and grandsons like it as much as I do.

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