Roy learned about cars as a young teenager acquiring his first car, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, at the age of 23 years old. His first experience at organized racing came in 1969 at the wheel of a 1969 Road Runner, powered Super Stock G. Being a close neighbor of the Petty Family and sharing a mutual love of cars and racing, they became friends with Roy spending a lot of time hanging out at the Petty’s race shop.

Roy began to get really serious about a racing career in 1971 and fielded a 1971 Pro Sock Duster with a Sox and Martin Chrysler Hemi for power. In 1973 Roy moved up into the newly formed Pro Stock with a Petty Enterprises Chrysler Hemi-powered Duster, a combination that proved to be a formidable competitor. Roy notched 100’s of races between his Super Stock and Pro Stock days and was always the car to beat.

In 1977 IHRA introduced the unlimited cubic inch displacement Mountain Motor rules for their Pro Stock class and Roy immediately embraced this new environment. His first entry into this new world was a 500 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi in a 1977 Plymouth Arrow which he competed with at both IHRA National events and countless match races.

Roy switched from Chrysler to Ford in 1982 and managed to compete in just about every body style the Blue Oval produced. From the start of the 1982 season until the end of the 1996 season, Roy notched 28 IHRA National Event wins and 31 runner up spots as a team owner/driver. In 1995 Roy put Mike Bell in the driver’s seat of an 800 cubic inch Ford-powered Thunderbird and the pair visited the winner’s circle 7 times and picked up an IHRA World Championship trophy along the way.

While his prime focus in the very beginning was a competitor; in 1989 he embarked on another area of the sport, The Roy Hill Drag Racing School. Moving away from the normal driving school tradition, Roy made the decision to include all forms of race vehicles at his school. This included full-bodied Super Stock cars, Bracket Dragsters, Junior Dragster, Pro Stock, and Pro Mod classes.

Today Roy is still very active in both the running of his Driving School and Pro Stock Team. He can also be seen racing in Stock and Super Stock competition.