Preserving the History of Drag Racing

A Curator of Our Motorsport’s Past Since 1976

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Go on an Informative Tour on Drag Racing

Go on an Informative Tour on Drag Racing

The Museum of Drag Racing’s primary objective is to preserve the history of Drag Racing for our sport and future generations and to present this history to Drag Racing enthusiasts and the general public in an accurate and informative format.
—Don Garlits
November 1, 1976

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Adult $20
Senior (60+) $15
Military/Veteran/First Resp. $15
College Students $15
Teenagers (13-18) $15
Children (5-12) $10

(10 or more guests)

Adult $12
Senior (60+) $10
Teenagers (13-18) $10
Children (5-12) $6
Assisted Living Facilities $7

Tours with Don

Tours with Don

Tours with Don include access to the private garage areas. Where he will tell you about his latest projects, and he will fire up engines. This tour will last about 1-2 hours, depending on questions. After your tour with Don, you will head back to the Antique & Drag Racing Museum to finish your visit. This is a self-guided tour through racing and antique buildings.

Don also takes the time to sign autographs and take photos. We sell several items that are perfect for autographing in the gift shop.

All private tours must be booked in advance and can take a couple of days to get the date and time approved with Don. To book a tour, email Don at with the date you would like to do the tour. Make sure the subject of the email says “Private Tour.” If Don is able to do the tour, he will forward the email to Chuck, who will contact you and set and finalize the tour date.

If you schedule a tour, Don will have the tour posted on social media pages advertising the tour so that the 10-15 people can be established.


Your pet is invited to join the tour if they are on a leash or in a stroller.