Preserving the History of Drag Racing

A Curator of Our Motorsport’s Past Since 1976

Big don garlitts - women drive tractor trailers in drag racing.

Go on an Informative Tour on Drag Racing

Go on an Informative Tour on Drag Racing

The Museum of Drag Racing’s primary objective is to preserve the history of Drag Racing for our sport and future generations and to present this history to Drag Racing enthusiasts and the general public in an accurate and informative format.
—Don Garlits
November 1, 1976

The snake logo featuring a man wearing a helmet represents the thrilling world of drag racing.
A black and white icon of a person engaged in drag racing.


Adult $22
Senior (60+) $17
Military/Veteran/First Resp. $17
College Students $17
Teenagers (13-18) $17
Children (5-12) $10
A group of people in a circle at a Drag Racing event, with high-performance vehicles roaring on a white background.

(10 or more guests)

Adult $12
Senior (60+) $10
Teenagers (13-18) $10
Children (5-12) $3
Assisted Living Facilities $7


Your pet is invited to join the tour if they are on a leash or in a stroller.

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