Regular Autograph $10.00

Personalized Autograph $15.00

Diecast Car and Box $20.00

The museum has an autograph policy as a result of fans who choose to make a profit selling Don’s autograph online or at swap meets. The fee charged for the autograph goes back into the museum for the maintenance and preservation of the museum and the sport of drag racing.

If you wish to send a photograph or item to the museum it must come with self-addressed retuned postage or shipping. Don will sign the photograph or item and the museum will send it back to you. If you do not send return postage or shipping please provide contact information so the museum staff can make contact with you to arrange return postage or shipping payment.

If you send multiple photographs or items to be autographed the first autograph will be free. The autograph fee will be charged to each additional photograph or item. You can pay the total amount of the autograph or autographs in the form of money order or cash. You may provide contact information to have a museum staff member call to pay via credit card.

Please note that Don is not in the museum every day. The items will be placed on his autograph table and will be signed when he is in the office.

Don expresses extreme gratitude to his lifelong fans for their support of him and the museum.