Walk of Fame Brick

The International Drag Racing Hall of Fame honors drag racings pioneers. This is your chance to join hundreds of fans who appear on the “Walk of Fame”; a brick lined sidewalk which connects the Hall of Fame Monument with the Museum of Drag Racing. You can inscribe your message on the brick using three lines with 14 characters in each line. You can order your brick at any time as orders are taken throughout the year (January-December). Bricks are then ordered at the beginning of the following year and placed along the sidewalk between February and March. Walk of Fame bricks are $59.95 each or $69.95 with a certificate of placement. Certificates are sent out after the brick is placed to properly show its placement. 

If the certificate is needed because the brick is a gift please let us know. We will issue the certificate but is will not have the brick's placement number on it. 

When ordering online select the brick option you wish to purchase. The click go to cart. The brick selection will display; click on the blue link for the brick you selected. This will take yo to the area to complete your three lines. When completed click add to cart and this will complete your brick order. 

If you do not wish to order online you can download the paper form and mail or email it to the museum.

Download Form Here: