Project Description

Swamp Rat III –A, B and C: These were the first chrome moly tubing cars to come out of the Garlits Automotive in Tampa Florida. Ironically Connie Swingle is the only one who ever drove them in competition. SR III-B was the first car into the magic 7 second bracket, 7.88, and Connie did this at Blaney SC, then at Thompson Ohio Swingle almost hit the 200 MPH zone with a blistering 198.22! The “A” car was destroyed at Emporia Virginia and the “B” car was destroyed in a canal outside of Savannah Georgia. The “C” car was sold to Paul Vanderly and disappeared, probably scraped after an accident. All three cars have been rebuilt or recreated, the “A” car from the bent frame from Emporia, the “B” car completely recreated for Sonny Messner in Acton California and the “C” car recreated. The “A” and “C” cars are on display at the Drag Racing Museum and both are running cars.